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Author Interview - Deysi O'Donal

Welcome back for the second installment in my Author Interview series. Y'all loved the last one with Alexis B. Osborne–it was fun to see her get so much love on that post! Today we're chatting with Deysi O'Donal, a scifi romance writer. Just a little bit of context. Deysi and I have been author buddies since the beginning of our authorship journeys. We became friends on social media and eventually began beta and ARC reading for one another...

I could not be happier to share her interview with you today, because today is also RELEASE DAY for her first book, Anna's Bounty! I had the pleasure of beta and ARC reading it and it is SO GOOD y'all. If you love Ruby Dixon, Honey Phillips, Mina Carter, Tana Stone–you'll love Deysi too.

You're definitely gonna want to sign up for her newsletter here to read the steamy prequel to AB, called Deja's Bounty.

You can also follow Deysi on social media for regular updates!

Let's get into it, shall we? I've included a couple teaser quotes for Anna's Bounty throughout the post, so enjoy! It's steamy as hell, y'all.


1. Deysi, what made you decide to write romance?

I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and I can’t think of anything that I’ve ever written that doesn’t have some aspect of romance woven into it. So I always suspected that someday that’s what I would be writing professionally.

2. What research did you do to figure out where to start?

I started by attending local writing conventions and conferences that were offered in my area. Started frequenting message boards, I got active in Wattpad. Submitted to writing contests that offered critiques. (Even won a couple) Mostly I talked to other authors, both aspiring and published.

3. How did you decide your genre and how to approach success?

I knew romance was going to be a given, but if you would have told me five years ago that when I finally published it was going to be alien romance… I would have thought you were batshit crazy. Lately that’s what I really enjoy reading so I figured that it was a safe niche genre to get my feet wet in.

I wrote Anna’s Bounty strictly to market with the pretense of publishing in KU. And you know what? I’ve had a BLAST doing it! The story itself has been so much fun. Getting to know and befriend authors who I look up to as a reader has been amazing! Meeting authors and readers from all across the romance spectrum has been a dream come true!

I wish I’d done this sooner!

4. Tell us about your current series!

Anna’s Bounty is the first book in my Earth’s Bounty series. Right now I have three books planned, but with lots of room to expand. Humans are thought to be extinct, until Anna is picked up by a passing slave ship. In my series, Earth’s Bounty, we follow a group of alien bounty hunters as they go after, and rescue, stolen humans and find love along the way.

5. Do you have a goal of writing full time? What steps are you taking to get there?

I would LOVE to write full time. So, yes I’d say that is my ultimate goal.

However, I try to stay practical. Right now I have no idea what the future holds, how my books will do, or how prosperous my career will become. So for now, I have a full time job and benefits that my family relies on and until I’m making considerably more than I am now, I’ll be a part time author for the foreseeable future.

As for steps I’m taking… just one day at a time.

6. What's your secret sauce for success?


Being receptive to advice… even when it makes me want to hide under my bed. I can be a bit timid, but at the same time once I commit to something I’m all in. As of right now I don’t really consider myself to be successful… check back with me in another year ;)

7. What's the best 1-2 tips you have for newer authors?

What works for some won’t work for all. Find what you’re most comfortable with and run with that. Don’t give up.

Keep writing. Keep reading. Learn all you can from anyone willing to teach you. Go to conventions! Enter writing contests. But also keep your expectations reasonable. Learn to take criticism, because sometimes those are the most important lessons you need to learn.


OOF I just love talking to scifi people–WHAT A COOL GENRE! I hope you all enjoyed learning more about Deysi today.

The full blurb for Anna's Bounty is below, and you can find it available on Amazon at this link.

It's also FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited, and available in paperback too. Deysi will even sign a bookplate for you if you purchase the paperback but want a signed one!

If you're an author, and interested in being part of this series–please email me at author@annafury.comso we can set it up!

Turns out human DNA is spread all across the universe, but actual humans are believed to be extinct. That is, until I’m randomly picked up by a passing slave ship.

As if being abducted by aliens isn’t terrifying enough, now I’m about to be sold to a space brothel. I figure things can’t get much worse, until the ship I’m on is attacked by alien bounty hunters.

Sparks start to fly when I meet Rovos, the gorgeous leader who promises to take me back to Earth. Only, I don’t know where Earth is and the aliens who kidnapped me aren’t talking.

Despite our growing attraction, Rovos is determined to keep me at arms length. He knows the danger of his trade. The heartache it brings. So he vows to find me somewhere safe.

Even if it guts him to let me go.

Even if I beg him to let me stay.


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