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Author Interview - Ivy Knox

Ivy was one of the very first authors I met when I was preparing to publish. I loved her books and totally fangirled, and when she actually talked to me I freaked out from excitement. Since then, she's been a fellow author I really admire and look up to!

Healing His Mate is the fifth book in the Aliens of Oluura series, featuring a brilliant scientist and quiet brewmaster finally realizing they should be together.

You can find Ivy online in all the following places:

Read on for my lovely chat with Ivy about her own authorship journey!


1. What made you decide to write romance? When you're an aspiring author, you hear all the time, "Write what you would read," or "Write for you, not for the masses." And I followed that advice. I was gobbling up every romance novel I could get my hands on that included sci-fi or paranormal elements. I couldn't get enough. Then I realized that when I wasn't reading stories with hot shifters or droolworthy aliens, I was making up my own stories in my head. My daydreams were filled with them. So I knew it wasn't a genre I would ever get sick of. 2. What research did you do to figure out where to start? There were at least three years between when I decided this was a career I wanted to pursue, and when I finally got the guts to start writing my first book. The moment you finally put pen to paper is incredibly terrifying! But those three years were all about observing my favorite authors and taking notes on their publishing schedules, the editors and cover designers they use, how they interact with fans on social media, etc. and asking myself, "Is this something I can handle?" "Can I keep up with the queens of the genre?"

3. How did you decide your genre and how to approach success? I could probably answer "Ruby Dixon" to all of these questions and it would be applicable. But Ruby Dixon's Ice Planet Barbarians was my introduction to the sci-fi romance genre years ago and I remember the sense of peace I felt after finishing book one in that series. After hundreds of paranormal/fantasy romance novels, I read hers and I felt at home. It was like, "Okay, I want to live here. This is where I need to stay." Not on an ice planet, specifically, but in a universe where the men are incredibly jacked and also sweet, consent is prioritized, toxic masculinity doesn't exist, and women are respected and properly cared for. I knew that I could create a world like that too, and it would be a place I'd love escaping to. And to be honest, I had no approach for success. At best, I hoped readers would pick up my books and enjoy escaping to my world as much as I did. I wanted people who were thirsting for Ruby's next release to read my books in between and get that same level of peace and satisfaction. That was always the goal. Still is. 4. Tell us about your current series! I'm currently writing book 4 of my Aliens of Oluura series. Each book is focused on a different couple, though most of my males are the grumpy/growly Nick Miller-esque types (where are my New Girl fans!). Oluura is a small planet with multiple alien species who are all looking for love. The settings range from a village of treehouses to caves inside of mountains, to tropical jungles. Some of my aliens have fangs and claws, some can shift into dragons, but all are seven feet tall with abs for days. The women I write tend to be older than your average romance heroine (30+) and plus-sized (because representation matters!).

5. Do you have a goal of writing full time, or do you already write full time? What steps are you taking to get there? I'm currently writing full time. This hasn't always been the case, but I got extremely lucky at the start of my author career. I got laid off from my full-time job in the summer of 2020, and at that point I had written half of Saving His Mate: Aliens of Oluura (book 1). My husband and I are frugal folx, so we looked at our finances and decided this was a good time for me to give it a shot. I was able to spend all of my time writing and learning the business, and I've been lucky enough to continue on that same path ever since. 6. What's your secret sauce for success? Focus on writing as often as possible. Nothing gives you exposure like having a backlog of books for readers to devour. This can be several three-book series, or one series with nine or more books. Once a reader decides they like you, they'll want everything you have to offer. Make sure you're in a position to deliver! 7. What's the best 1-2 tips you have for newer authors? 1. Don't lose touch with your reader side. That's how most (if not all) of us decide to become authors. We love a certain kind of story, and we decide to create our own. Think about the stories you like to read, think about the book covers that draw you in, and the blurbs that make you click that buy button. You need to create all of these as an author, so it helps to have some idea of what sells.

2. Determine your biggest weakness as an indie author and study, study, study! Independent authors have to manage every aspect of publishing, which is a lot of work. For me, advertising was confusing as f**k. I spent a ridiculous amount of time being intimidated by it, but I quickly realized that wasn't getting me anywhere. So I bought all the books, took all the classes I could find, and took those classes multiple times if I didn't understand a certain part of it. I feel much more comfortable now, like I conquered the beast I feared most.


Huge thanks to Ivy for joining me on the blog today! Here's a little more info about Healing His Mate...

Nalba is known the world over as a genius inventor, but when she suffers a head injury and loses five years of memories, she questions the path her life has taken.

Waking in a bed with an unrecognizable human face looming over her is only the start of Nalba’s worst day ever. It turns out she was injured in a recent battle, leaving her with amnesia. Without her greatest asset––her brain––in working order, how is she to know who she is?

Waldric, the clan cook, can’t keep away from Nalba the moment he hears she’s conscious. He’s been crushing hard on her for years, and she barely acknowledged his existence. He’s desperate to prove himself a proper mate and vows to win her heart through her stomach. When his freshly baked bread triggers a memory, he jumps at the chance to become her personal chef.

As Nalba uncovers who she was before the accident, she questions whether there may be more to life than striving for greatness through her innovative creations. Perhaps there’s room for something more. Or someone.

With Waldric filling her life with joy and her belly with decadent treats, Nalba recalls parts of her past long since buried and is faced with an impossible choice: Should she choose love or her career?

Healing His Mate is a full-length standalone sci-fi romance featuring a brilliant female inventor suffering from amnesia, and a sweet hero who loves cooking for his clan, and is desperate to prove he's a worthy mate to the smartest female he's ever known.

If you like huge, sexy aliens, fated mates, steamy love scenes, and happily ever afters, you'll love this series!


If you're an author, and interested in being part of this series–please email me at so we can set it up!

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