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January/February Omegaverse Releases

She was bred to be lovely. She turned out lethal.

After escaping an evil king bent on reviving an extinct, magical line, Roya promised to dedicate her life to ridding the world of abusive tyrants. But when her mentor, Thorn, flunks her out of the Assassins Guild, she flees her humiliation and runs straight into danger.

My name is Jude, and like everyone, I’ve got secrets.

Unfortunately, mine involves my family’s part in the creation of the Awaken virus, which turned normal men into violent, ruthless alphas three years ago. It was an accident, but now we’re on the run while I try to right my wrongs.

I never wanted a mate. Until I was put in chains. Strapped down.

And claimed.

After a disaster of a first heat, I’m ready to swear off alphas and escape to a cabin in the woods.

My body has other plans.

Now that I’m awakened, I can’t survive another heat alone.

Problem is, I hate alphas, hate packs, and really super hate the so-called mates I can’t forgive and can’t forget.

I thought being kidnapped by heartless scientists was the worst thing that could happen to me.

I was wrong.

Being rescued by a massive teal alien alpha covered in spikes was worse.

Phee was a proper Omega.

She’d done everything society expected of her–Obeyed her parents, married an appropriate choice of Alpha, tolerated his infidelity.

And what was her repayment? To be cast out by her husband in favor of his pregnant mistress.

Take a walk on the wild side. A powerful Alpha Kingdom. A time-traveling Omega. An extinction only I can prevent.

Jane Stinger finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse after being attacked on an archeological dig in the Lacandon Jungle when she stumbles over a rare Obsidian chamber revealing a prophecy about a lost people and a lost Alpha-Omega connection.

When you've messed up the known universe it tends to ruin things.

My name is Charlotte and a big green mean machine has captured me. Okay, he's an orc but he has spikes on his biceps, which is plain wrong.

My name is Ella Vance, and I’m not crazy.

Supernaturals are real.

No one believes me, especially my family who would rather lock me away for it.

Sierra has combined all of her Omegaverse books to date in a sweet and spicy collection for all your cinnamon roll needs!

Good vs evil never felt so filthy.

Ever since I bought this thrift store ring, I’ve been having nightmares. Mood swings. Confusion.

And orgasms in my sleep.

An orphan, I live by the charity of my lord. Through me, the Goddess heals, yet I am treated like the lowest servant.

In the wake of an attack, a young beta hunter is mortally wounded. I lay with Emric to heal him upon the forest floor. Everyone saw. Now an alpha, a beta, and a shifter pack all have me in their sights.

Never tempt the devil...

It should be easy.

Avenge his family by destroying the daughter of the man who ruined his life.


The beautiful, spoiled Omega daughter of a monster.

He wants to take her. Break her. End her.

Once Upon a Time…

As Ezmira’s troupe travels from world to world, she enjoys dancing for citizens and royalty alike.

Soothed by the spell of her grace, Quasim knows she's the key to forgetting his past, so he takes her.

From the outside, Vera Hastings has everything an Omega could dream of. A successful soccer career, an exciting new relationship with the perfect pack—but when someone from their past resurfaces, the danger surrounding the pack might just be enough to break it apart. If they aren’t careful, they could lose everything they’ve found in each other.


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