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May/June Omegaverse Releases

Finally taken from the depths of hell, all I want is freedom.

Instead, fate demands I accept a new master.

A relentless alien alpha with orange scales and eyes so hungry I feel his pain.

Why would I ever assume we were fated?

Zev was my personal guard and brother's best friend. My attraction to him was against the law and deeply forbidden. Everything we were doing was wrong.

But I just couldn't stop.


My brother’s murderer wants me during my next heat, and I’ll do anything to stay out of his grasp. Sebastian was my brother’s best friend, but that was years ago, and now he’s a different man.

Or should I say wolf?

Him and the Hell’s Knights are the only thing that can save me and my family, but will he still care enough to accept my offer?

He’s a bad guy.

I’m worse.

What will he do when I betray him?

Tough Glaswegian Natasha has been fighting all her life. She lies, cheats and steals as easily as she breathes. Now she’s embroiled in interstellar espionage, gang warfare and a culture battle between alphas and betas.

One omega, four alphas, one hot mess …

I love Alphas. I love the chase, I love the seduction, I love the … well, you get the picture.

The problem: I’m too much for one alpha to handle.

Mouthy, disobedient and sassy as hell. I won’t be pinned down and I certainly won’t be claimed.

Omegas are vulnerable if unprotected. Prey just waiting to be devoured.

But Karissa still wants her life back. She wants the naive innocence she had before it was stolen by seven powerful Alphas... but the pack won't let her go.

From a dark, magic-ravaged world comes an enthralling new fantasy romance series. Five brothers, last of an ancient Alpha bloodline, each bound by fire and blood to their majestic dragons.

He demands her worship. Or he will bring her to her knees.

Four Demon Warriors. The last Serafim. One dark cell.

Andora: I'm the last of my kind... a Serafim. I was taken prisoner as a child, and my parents murdered. There is no other known living member of my species to teach me the extent of my powers. All I know is that I can magically heal with my touch. But if Krillon, an evil warlord, wants me, then there must be much more to my abilities than I realize.

For a moment, I thought I had everything, only to have my happiness snatched away from me by more betrayals and lies.

Ares, Rafe, Killian and Nox abandoned me four years ago, and now their final secret has come out: They’ve been working with the institute who hurt my friends and tried to sell me to the highest bidder; a deranged alpha who tried to leave me bred and broken.

Aurora Williams is restless.

She has no desire or intention to settle down with a pack, especially with an alpha controlling her. She has other plans. Plans that include putting her degrees to use and building a career.

The alphas own this world, and I’m an omega trying to fake it.

For five years, I hid among the alphas with success as I watched and learned how they and betas operated. But I was still an omega regardless of the suppressants I took, and no tablet could take away my omega needs. Those needs I found catered for in the safety of a beta nightclub. But one night, I weakened and wanted the wrong man. It was close, and I thought I had a lucky escape.

Everything’s gone wrong…all because I’m an Omega.

My once normal, relatively happy life has been stripped from me.

There's a bounty for my capture.

The government wants to keep me in a gilded cage, a prize to be enjoyed by other Alphas.

But I refuse.

It’s a universally known fact that omegas don’t party.

Well, most omegas don’t.

The night before I was set to be matched at the Compatibility Ceremony, I went out to party. I didn’t care that I might get in trouble because I didn’t want to waste my last night of freedom being what everyone expected me to be: good.

My life wasn't great. I worked too much, and I had zero fun. All I wanted to do was escape and start over. One night the universe decided to grant me my wish. It should have been a good thing, right?


As the daughter of two of the most recognizable rock stars of all time, Lyric Sinclair has seen it all. After a childhood spent in the limelight... this omega prefers comfy patterned pajamas, quietly donating her time, and nights spent in with her beta boyfriend.

When fate and bad luck intervene, Lyric does what she always does. She runs, hoping all her problems magically disappear.

Unfortunately for Lyric, she runs straight into old hurts, ugly truths, and hard facts.

Lyric must accept reality.

You can't run forever and you can't hide from who you are.


I was taken from my apartment and kept captive in a cold dingy warehouse. This entire experience would have been a nightmare if it weren’t for the other omega being held captive with me. We found comfort in each other’s arms, and it was not long before we were bonded.

Jane thought that she was just a boring Beta until her Omega housemate goes into heat. She's powerless to stop her inner Alpha from taking what it wants.

Female Alpha/male Omega erotic short story for adults 18+. Steamy explicit scenes with little plot.

A renegade omega threatens to destroy my fragile pack

After a rocky start at the Omega Sanctuary, I finally have my pack. Men who want me for who I am, not what my omega designation can do for them. I know together we can overcome anything...

Who knew that two words could shatter every hope and dream Briar had for her future.

You’re pregnant.

Most omegas dream of this, but the only thing Briar can think about is that awful night. While she suffers alone, her attacker gets to flaunt his perfect life in her face.

I was supposed to be his mate. Then he rejected me. So why won’t he let me go?

When Jack Beaumont rejected me, I vowed to do my best to get on with my life. Suppression spells, potions — anything to keep the heats at bay whenever he’s near.

Charlie Prince has always gotten what he wants. Now he wants her… so why is courting his fated mate–his true f**king love–proving to be such a challenge?

Omega Embraced is a sweet and steamy standalone romance within the Pack of Princes timeline with a Happily Ever After guaranteed.

Look, it’s an omega’s prerogative to stretch the truth.

What? That’s totally how the saying goes.

Sometimes, especially if a girl has nowhere to go, she can’t be sweet and nice.

Evette has a successful career and a happy life that she's built for herself in the city. She has her family, friends and alphas are just a phone call away to help her through my heat. No matter how much she tries to push the thoughts to the back of her mind, her biology tells her that she needs to build a nest and bond with an alpha. Taking the advice of her friend, she signs up for a matching service that promises to pair anyone with the perfect mate.

I lost everything in a freak accident. My entire family; everything I’d ever cared about - gone in an instant. Unable to bear the constant reminders and emptiness of my life, I moved across the country to dull the loss, hopefully falling into the anonymity of a large city where even an alpha could disappear.

I’ve been in love with Thatcher Forrest from the moment he walked into my pharmacy, seven feet of quietly dimpled smiles and southern charm. He’s everything I could ever want in a man–a little older, full of confidence, and with a body made for cold winter nights in bed. You’d think he’d make a move after three years of intense flirting, but I’m done waiting.

(This book is also available in audio form on the Read Me Romance Podcast)

This is a continuation of Kit and Tris' story, as started in Bad Girl

I've been betrayed by my own family, but that's OK, I've created my own to replace them. Tris, Len, Jackson and even the mysterious James, they're mine now and no one is going to break us apart.

When she signed up for a reality tv show, Haven Avery was just looking for a way to pay off her debts. She never expected that her number might come up. Now she's living in a pack house with a ruthless feral alpha and a beta with a secret... and things are about to get intense.

I'm being chased. Hunted. My pursuers? Three gorgeous hitmen with a penchant for killing omegas, each one more brutal than the last. That’s what I get for attacking my Correction Officer at the Omega Correction Compound. Somehow, I managed to escape by the skin of my teeth, and now I live a life on the run.

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