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November/December Omegaverse Releases

If you're a fan of mine you're probably a fan of omegaverse in general, and there is SO much good omegaverse being published all the time. I'm going to start doing a monthly post with quick links to the authors I follow and the books they're publishing. If I'm missing any, please feel free to email me at and I'll start including those releases in future posts!

Here are the OV releases for November and December 2021.

Claimed in the Chaos by Opal Fairchild

Book Two is currently available for preorder here.

Claimed in the Chaos is a gritty dystopian omegaverse where aliens come and land on earth, bringing alien shifters with them. I was fortunate to beta read it and loved it, and I'm even more excited for book two!

Omega's Virtue parts one and two both released in the last couple of months.

Book Four is currently available for preorder here.

If you love Bridgerton style historical romance, and you love omegaverse–this is the series for you! Historical OV is a newer genre, and I can't wait to see it grow. I loved these books!

The Alpha's Salvation, Marlowe Roy's debut novel, was one of my favorite reads in 2021! I totally ship an older, seasoned alpha and all the confidence that comes with that. This is a gritty dystopian OV with an almost western-style feel to it. It's set after an apocalypse of sorts, but there's no longer technology in the way we know it today. SO GOOD.

Find it on Amazon here, and I have it on good faith that Marlowe is furiously hen-pecking book two!

Captured by Leann Ryans is an excellent addition to her dystopian omega market series! You'll adore Flea, the feisty FMC who wants nothing to do with being captured and held at the omega Center!

Find it on Amazon here.

Rockstar romance and omegaverse? That's a big hell yes from me. Rocked by the Alpha is the second book in this knockout series from Hannah Haze. I love her in general, but this series is so so fun.

Claimed by Three is the ninth book of LV Lane's Coveted Prey universe. If you haven't read it, you must. The books are somewhat connected but can all be read as standalone. A Centaur In My Forest has been my personal favorite so far, but there is literally something for everyone in this incredible series!

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