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It’s been seven days since I rejected my mate. When the inconceivable truth came out that he’s been working with the Task Force for years, I couldn’t even look at him. This is the Task Force that tried to round up my family, kill us, and experiment on alphas to learn how they tick.

Mitchell’s adamant he had no choice. But the truth is he betrayed us–betrayed me. That dishonesty shattered our bond so deeply, I don’t think it can ever be mended. If that’s not bad enough, my heat is coming–a dangerous time for a lone pack omega. I may have no choice but to bring him back to service me through it.

Meanwhile, the other omegas are developing new, dangerous powers they struggle to control. I’m terrified someone will be harmed, so I need Mitchell to come back and help me guide them. He and I are capable of instructing the omegas successfully–if we can stop fighting long enough to partner together.

If we do this, will my heart survive being close to him after his betrayal? Will we harness the omegas’ powers in time to successfully defend against the Task Force? We’re going to find out one way or another, because the only thing that is certain is that they’re coming for us–soon.

Awake at Last is the fifth and final book in the Alpha Compound series by Anna Fury. This paranormal dystopian MF omegaverse romance features a rejected shifter mate and his omega attempting to find their way back after a devastating betrayal.

DISCREET Signed Paperback - Awake At Last

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