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Cheating husband? Check. Messy divorce? Check. My life is complicated, and the only positive is my thriving trucking business. But I’m glad my husband’s leaving—because I’ve never been able to forget Stone, the boy who broke my heart when we were stupid teenagers.


He’s single now too. The problem? My life might be complicated, but his is downright dangerous.


When the local biker gang attacks me for speaking out against their illicit trafficking activity, Stone demands I stay on his ranch for my protection. But what really needs protecting is my heart.



I don’t know what it says about me that I’ve been rejected twice. First by my mate, and then by almost my entire pack. But I don’t miss them like I probably should—and nowhere near as much as I miss Erin. Unfortunately, I screwed up my only chance with her when we were just teenagers.


When she’s attacked, it sends my protective instinct into overdrive. Turns out having her living in my home is harder than I thought it’d be, because there’s nothing I won’t do for a second chance with the woman my body sings for.


ROCK HARD REJECT is the first book in the Northern Rejects series. It features a grumpy rancher trying to right past wrongs and mend two broken hearts in the same go.

Sexy Signed Paperback - Rock Hard Reject

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