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THE PREORDER SWAG PACK includes a signed copy of the book!

This swag pack containers

❤️ A signed copy of the paperback book

❤️ Leo + the Lovestruck Lobos tee in your size and color choice (XS to 5XL options)
❤️ 5x7 postcard (2-sided) with the cover art on one side and the sexy art on the other. NOTE: The graphic shows two cards so you can see the art, but they'll come printed on ONE postcard
❤️ 5x7 postcard (1-sided) of the concert poster from Lola's Chapter One performance
❤️ 5x bookish stickers

❤️ 5.5x8.5 printed map of Shifter Hollow

Preorder SWAG PACK - Wrestling With Werewolves - XL Pack

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