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*Preorders scheduled to ship the second week of December!*


Once this book is in stock, it'll no longer be on preorder and the price will go up to match Amazon ($39.99)


This is a preorder for the complete Temple Maze series (books one - three) in a special edition omnibus paperback. At over 800 pages, this book is thick, y'all!



Welcome to the Temple, the brutal maze where a cunning warlord rules over imprisoned monsters, bending and using them according to her whims. The maze is a dumping ground for souls in need of snuffing out. Got a relative you dislike? Send them in for prompt dispatch. Perhaps a political rival is a thorn in your side? For a price, you can have Rama’s psycho pets kill them for you.

Join the direwolves of Pack Ayala as they fight a ruthless villainess, deadly rival monsters and a maze that's as dark and depraved as the males themselves. Somehow along the way they manage to find love too, but it's not an easy road.

Happy hunting...

The Temple Maze Complete Series features books one through through, each focusing on a different brother. Mind your triggers, this series is as black as my antiheroes' hearts.

  • Book One - Noire - MF pairing
  • Book Two - Jet - MMF pairing
  • Book Three - Ten - MF pairing


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What do readers have to say?
Anna Fury brings her A-game to this new series. It is dark, it is riveting, and it is super-hot.
- Filipino Bookworm

This book was AMAZING! It was so unique and a completely different experience than the usual vampire/shifter romance stories. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time anxious for page after page.
- Bre

I liked the premise of this book in the description. I had no idea it would be THAT incredible. Dark Omegaverse for sure but what a twist! Someone please make a movie from this book.


Temple Maze Complete Series Omnibus Paperback

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