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Authors are now facing an unprecedented challenge - Artificial intelligence (AI). 


AI-based “books” , which are computer written, rather than human, are flooding the market and reducing our ability to earn a living wage writing books for you, our amazing readers.


The problem with AI as it stands today? It’s not capable of thinking on its own. It doesn’t create anything new or unique. All it can do is ingest data and mimic someone else’s style, plagiarizing art and books without the original creator/author’s consent. There’s a very real chance human authors will be forced out of the market as AI-written works take over. Yet your favorite authors bring magical worlds, emotions and experiences to life in a way that a computer can’t. If you want to save that, then authors and artists need your help.


So, what’s a reader to do?


I hope that you support human written books and learn more about the harmful effects of AI-written books and AI-generated art.  I also hope that you ask Amazon to ban AI-written books. You can email them at or call their service line at 1-888-280-4331.


The Dangers of AI:


Thank you for being part of the reader community. Your support for human written books is so appreciated!

but what's the big deal...

Smarter folks than me have done wonderful breakdowns of AI's pros and cons. The overview below goes into tremendous depth on why AI is concerning to authors and readers. For the record, after doing tons of my own research, I am not in support of generative AI for books and art.

Gold Gradient Approved By Business Label Circle Sticker.png


feel free to use the png graphic to the left in your books if you wish. i created it to put at the front of my own books in order to educate readers on the differences between human-written books and ai-generated books.

simply right click and save, no need to credit me!

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