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Can my mate and I tempt a silver fox to join us?


My mate, James, is my best friend. He’s brilliant, kind and sexy as heck. But, as rock solid as our bond is, we both ache for more. That need can only be soothed by the hulking silver fox currently living at Bent Fork Ranch with my pack. I’m not the only one who wants Cassian—James is just as hot for him as I am.

Despite our sexiest efforts, Cassian holds us at arms’ length. So, James and I will do what any sane couple would, we’ll double down until Cassian gives in. Every man has a breaking point, and we won’t stop until we find his.


I missed my chance with Julia—now she belongs to James. But when the handsome alpha makes it clear he wants me too, it shreds my resolve. I’m dancing on the knife’s edge of self control, fending off daily advances from James and his beautiful, deaf mate.


It's a losing proposition, though. Because they want forever, and I can't give it to them. My former pack needs me. I can't escape the past, even if it means forsaking a future with the sexy duo.

I need to leave, but they make it oh so tempting to stay…


Pretty Little Sinner is the third book in the Northern Rejects Series. It features a happily mated duo dying to get their hands on the missing piece of their bond.

Discreet Signed Paperback - Pretty Little Sinner

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