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I’ve seen firsthand the monsters that men turn into when they’re hit with the virus. I’ve been at their bedside in the ER when the Task Force comes and hauls them away. I’ve heard the stories of women getting kidnapped right off the street, never to be seen again. What I’m unprepared for is the day my best friend Mal goes missing, only to turn up upstate in a mansion, claiming one of the Awakened beasts is her “mate”.


When I find her, I’m equally unprepared for the broken and brooding alpha male she warns me away from. The one so deranged that the pack’s “enforcer” has to regularly drag him home, wrapped up in chains so he doesn’t kill someone. He’s clearly insane, but there’s a fire in his eyes that calls to me, a deep and primal power that tugs at my soul.


There’s just one other problem. His only memory is of beautiful blue eyes. Blue eyes he can’t stop thinking about. Blue eyes that aren’t my own - even as our connection grows. I shouldn’t let him touch me, but I can’t stop.


My presence drives him to the very edges of his frayed sanity, and I’m terrified to find out what happens when his restraint finally snaps.

DISCREET Signed Paperback - Wake Up, Alpha

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