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My life hangs by a perilous thread. The Awaken Virus began turning men into mindless beasts three years ago. They ravaged and burned and killed, and humanity hasn’t been safe since.


Bouncing between friends’ apartments and the shelter was hard enough. But now women are being abducted right off the streets by Awakened. That’s why I decided to get out of New York and head for the forest upstate–I can be alone there–alone and safe.


Imagine my horror when an Awakened male saunters right into my new home, flirting like a lunatic and offering unsolicited gardening advice. Connor claims I’m his omega, and offers to introduce me to our “mate”. Hard pass. My reservations are confirmed when I meet Brady and he tries to rip my head off.


What makes this even worse is the Awakened Task Force breathing down the alphas’ necks. I came out here to feel secure, but safety is an illusion the longer I stay around the alphas.


There’s just one problem. Connor and I can’t keep our hands off one another. And every time we slip up and touch, it hurts Brady. Discovering me is tearing their bond apart.


One of them wants to kiss me, and the other wants to kill me. Can I figure out what’s between us before the Task Force destroys it all?



DISCREET Signed Paperback - Wide Awake

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