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This paperback is stamped with Rosemary's signature on the first page!



My name is Jewel, and I’m an orphan Omega.


My first heat is coming, and the only pack who I want to spend it with are forbidden. Growing up in foster care in the billionaire King pack, I was chosen as a companion for the gorgeous, abandoned Alpha. He’s everything that an Omega would ever want. My other foster brothers are my best friends: an alluring, blind male Omega, who smells like heaven, and a hockey player Beta who takes care of us all. Together, we’re each other’s first loves, home, everything.


But then, the Alpha is given the ultimatum to bond with a wealthy Omega…or else. My best friends and I find ourselves fighting for our lives, futures, and love.


But will they still choose me, when they discover my secret?


A jewel. Her kings. A pack bond that changes everything.

Jewel & Her Kings - Stamped Paperback

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