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I was fine, happy even, before Luna Brooks showed up in town. I run a successful bar, am part of the best pack there is, and have great friends.


Everything about Luna irritates me. She’s too bubbly, too happy, too mouthy…too gorgeous. I’d ignore her, but we're forced to work together for the good of the pack. We just need to get one simple project done. But the more time I spend in the sunny Cali girl’s presence, the darker my thoughts turn. She’s not my type—I prefer obedience—and she’s not even staying in Ayas long-term.


Yet every time she opens that pouty mouth to snark at me, I think about what she really needs—punishment. And God help me, I want to be the man to dish it out.



If I had a dollar for every time Titan scowls at me, I'd be a millionaire. The pack enforcer is crazy hot, but he's got the personality of a wet rag.


Still, my bestie asked me to work with him for the good of the family. For her, I can put the enemies-to-enemies vibe aside.


Color me shocked when I discover Titan has a kind streak a mile wide, especially for the unfortunate women stuck in another local pack.


If we can put our differences aside, we’ll help not only our pack but those other women too. The only question is, will we survive each other long enough to make it happen?


HEARTLESS HEATHEN is the second book in the Northern Rejects series and features a grumpy pack enforcer trying to tame a wild Cali girl.

Discreet Signed Paperback - Heartless Heathen

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