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Killing my mate might have saved our continent from her psychotic rule, but it destroyed me—all that’s left is an unfeeling husk of an alpha. But my brother Noire isn’t done asking for my help. His mate, Diana, is dying, and the only place that might hold answers is the ancient library at Pengshur, a center of knowledge and healing.

The brilliant, happy-go-lucky female librarian assigned to our group stares at me when she thinks I’m not looking. As days pass and our search for answers reveals dangerous secrets, Onmiel becomes my first real friend and confidante. She burrows her way under my skin, consuming my thoughts and recentering my world around her smile.


Underneath Ten’s alpha austerity lies a kindred spirit. But he’s drowning in an ocean of pain and loss. So, I make it my job to make him smile, then laugh. I get him hooked on coffee and books, and friendship follows.

As our search for answers grows frantic, Ten becomes far more than just my client. Tender stolen moments turn into playful touches and heated looks until I know there’s more between us. I need him to open his eyes to what’s right in front of him—a second chance at love.

But long-buried secrets from my past return to haunt me, and Ten and I are caught in the crosshairs. Now I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to love Ten, or if the fates are conspired against us.

Ten is the final book in the Temple Maze series, and ends with a happily ever after!

Signed Discreet Paperback - Ten

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