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A good Protector is focused on one thing—duty. That’s been my guiding mantra since I came to the hidden monster haven of Ever. My roles as Protector and father come first. But I’ve got a secret—I’m desperately obsessed with the beautiful, kind, mischievous pixie who lives across the street.

Miriam Saihem invaded my mind first, building a rock-solid friendship I‘ve come to rely on. But my heart demands something more, someone to make it beat again. I don’t want to have to choose between her or my child, responsibility or love. I’m selfish-I want them both.


When Miriam learns about a human holiday centered entirely around candy, she asks for my help making Halloween come alive. It’s the perfect chance for me to get closer to her and finally make the first move.


But when an evil warlock sets his sights on Ever, those I love are in danger. I’ve got to find—and eliminate—the threat or I’ll never get the chance to make Miriam mine.


Partying With Pixies is the third book in the Haven Ever After monster romance series. Each book can be read as a standalone. If you're in the mood for possessive cinnamon roll heroes, look no further. Alo personifies the alpha male with a secret sweet streak a mile wide.

Signed Paperback - Partying With Pixies

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