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This paperback is stamped with Rosemary's signature on the first page!



My name is Rebel, and I’m the only Omega resistance leader.


I should be hiding from my dad who marked me as a Reject. But instead, I fall into the path of the impossibly beautiful, wealthy, and influential Knight pack, during my first heat. Surely, I won’t be claimed by these enemies of the resistance? The captivating Alphas, their Beta bodyguard, and gorgeous but broken male Omega stand for everything that I’m fighting against.


Can I survive my heat in the arms of my enemies? Will they reject me, sending me to the Omega Institute to be sold, if they discover that I’m not their cherished Omega but a secret rebel?


But then, the Knight pack have as many secrets as me.


A rebel. Her knights. A pack bond that changes everything.

Rebel & Her Knights - Stamped Paperback

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