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My name is Jude, and like everyone, I’ve got secrets. Unfortunately, mine involves my family’s part in the creation of the Awaken virus, which turned normal men into violent, ruthless alphas three years ago. It was an accident, but now we’re on the run while I try to right my wrongs.



I’ve spent three years hiding from the government, trying to find a cure for the alpha wildling phase, those volatile initial days after the transition. If I can do this, it will change everything.

There’s just one problem–Griz. He’s the New York alpha pack’s strategist. Brilliant, kind, possessive. Perfect. I’m his mate, although I have to keep him at arm’s length. He loves me because he doesn’t know me–not really. What’s worse is I can’t tell him, because I need his pack to keep me safe until I find a cure. But the blazing, simmering need between us is undeniable, making it hard not to reveal my truth to him.

If almost ending the world and having a doomed romance with a hot alpha wasn’t enough, my father’s been acting increasingly strange. His behavior leads me to believe he’s up to something sketchy with our research. I can’t let Griz and the pack be at further risk because of my work, but I’m terrified of what will happen when the truth gets out.

When we’re forced to flee the Compound, and I’m in close proximity with Griz every day, it all comes to a head.. I’ve got to tell him the truth, but what he’ll do with it is anybody’s guess. Possibly kill me, definitely kick me out of the pack.

There’s no way he could ever still love me, though...right?

Sleepwalk is the fourth book in the Alpha Compound series, by Anna Fury. This dystopian MF omegaverse romance features a tormented heroine and resourceful alpha finding their happily ever after.

Sleepwalk - Signed Paperback

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